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In our latest blog, we pointed out Negative Reverse Selling and utilizing strip-lining ways to get neutral prospects dealing with issues with their business and then related pain due to those issues. Negative Reverse Selling is saying and doing the exact opposite of what the candidate expects salespeople to accomplish. Strip-lining is giving the possibility more line to swim with, and allows the outlook to keep talking, which makes it one with the more effective tools within the NRS toolbox. It’s much simpler to gather information as soon as you set the chance into motion, and Negative Reverse Selling is an excellent way to get the pendulum moving.

Let’s have a look at a scenario where strip-lining can be extremely effective in finding a negative prospect moving within the right direction. The prospect says towards the salesperson: “We stood a bad knowledge about your company. I have to show you, I have hardly any interest in employing you from the future”. That’s a pretty a bad prospect, right? So, an excellent strip-lining fact is in order. Salesperson: “Wow, I am really sorry to listen to that. I never learned about this situation. If I were inside your shoes, I wouldn’t work with us again, either. Could you be kind enough to share with me how it happened?”

Notice what are the salesperson did here. The salesperson validated the prospects feelings allowing them vent. We like to label this a “mental enema”. When a person has were built with a bad experience and is also obviously upset and angry, allow them to get it out of their system. They may be emotional and also a bit irrational, but letting them have it all out may go a long way towards helping you to make reparations, and rectify the problem.

Let me share another story, on this occasion a real life situation. I experienced a client inside printing industry named Omar. Omar’s printer was selling printing services to your major company which has a household name, headquartered in New Jersey. Omar’s company was messing up in a big way, delivering late on three shipments uninterruptedly. This really ticked off of the folks for the larger company, prompting the purchasing agency to talk about the salesperson’s head, and call Omar, the Sales Manager. The agent told Omar quite heatedly, “This will be the third period in a row your enterprise has fouled up our orders. We’re through with you.” At this point Omar gave the agent a mental enema. Omar said, “If I had you been, I’d be finished with us, too.” Once validated, the possibility “dumped” (since the sales manager input it) all his pent-up aggravation, releasing enough negativity to finally speak somewhat rationally. Believe it or not, that conversation evolved into a scheduled visit (or, as Omar named it when he was scheduling it, an “exit interview”). Because they ended up being doing business for a few years, Omar could convince the organization it would be an excellent idea to satisfy and develop promises to hand-from the business to your competitor.

Omar flew to New Jersey to meet up with in person with purchasing agent, and allowed the agent to once more validate how he felt about Omar’s company and ways in which they smudged three orders uninterruptedly. Omar listened and nodded, then said, “I probably would have stopped employing us following the second order got fouled up. I totally discover why you are upset. I’d be livid if I had you been.” At this point, the purchasing agent dumped and dumped, and dumped a lot more, dropping all his negativity on Omar. However, at the end of the two-hour meeting, Omar left that has a purchase order. How did he achieve that?

Omar was trained in in Negative Reverse Selling and ultizing strip-lining processes to give his angry client the opportunity to get all his anger out before heading ahead and dealing to fix things. The purchasing agent on the major company was grateful to Omar for letting him vent, and also for rectifying the specific situation going forward. Negative Reverse Selling allowed Omar for making amends for an undesirable experience and move on with some new company. That’s the power of Negative Reverse Selling.

In our next blog, we may go a little bit more in-depth, and breakdown various ways to use Strip-lining Techniques with lots of different prospects.

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