Should You Consider Consultancy As An Easy Way To Make Money?


There are many that want to supplement their income with their own business and many more who want to give up their day job altogether. It is possible to do this by just continuing to do the same thing for yourself as you were doing for your old boss. By starting a consulting business you are turning your freshest and most used skills into a consulting business. A reaction to this suggestion is often that by doing the same work, your new business is just the same as your previous job. The very reason for wanting to quit your current employment was to get away from the mundane work you were doing. Whatever consultancy experience is used, owning your own business is going to be better than being employed by someone else. No matter what industry or sector, being self employed is the key requirement when wanting to give up a day job and start new business opportunities. Starting with your most familiar skills will assist the start up of your new business. You are aware of what clients want, you have the expertise to help them and might even know a few customers to get you started. This is where you must be initially careful not to upset your old boss by stealing his customers as this might contravene your contract of employment. So how do you choose what skills you have that might be of use and how do you decide whether or not there will be a chance of easy money making selling them to clients? And do not forget that you will be charging much more than you were being paid before on an hourly basis. Can you convince somebody that your services are worth as much? But remember this, you are expected to be charging more particularly as that is what the customer expects, and the extra is the profit and overheads any business should reasonably expect to make. A consultancy can be built from just about any skill or profession. The obvious ones include accountancy, bookkeeping, legal, property surveying, banking, languages and the like. Each one can be the backbone of a service line that can be sold for a lucrative hourly rate. But consultancies can be formed from many other types of jobs which can provide simple and quick ways to make more money. Consider your current employment, even if it is working in a shop or factory. Various areas connected to the safe or efficient running of a business could be the foundation for a consulting company. The areas that you are familiar with need to be identified, or areas that you want to find more about – to polish off your skills. As an illustration, you might have helped your employer to work towards a quality mark accreditation which will have involved you getting to know the process and what is required. Both of these are areas in which you could research deeper. The list of different types of skills that can be sold as consultancy is endless. For a consultant to know just a little bit more than the potential customer is a critical point. The next crucial issue is having the skills to persuade the receptive client that you actually know much more than they do!

Strip-Lining Sales Technique

In our most recent blogs, we’ve been reviewing Negative Reverse Selling and how it is very effective in creating great bonding and rapport with sales prospects. Negative Reverse Selling is a way of saying and doing the opposite of what the prospect expects from a salesperson, disarming them and creating trust with them. One of its more compelling techniques is called strip-lining, a method of using reverse questions to get the prospect talking, and you keep “throwing more line and let them swim”. However, you need to do this step right or it could backfire on you. When you do it correctly, prospects feel like they are in control of the conversation, and you have a better chance of making a sale. Practice this step frequently in low risk situations before using it on your biggest and best prospects.

What should you practice? Getting the fit right means executing as follows:

• Neutral prospects get very hard strip-lines, such as, “It sounds like you’re very happy and I should leave. Before I go, what do you like about who you’re doing business with now?”

• Negative prospects get hard strip-lines, but not as hard as neutral prospects. For example, “Based on what you just said about your current vendor, it makes sense to me why you’re not interested in switching your business to another company. We get great feedback like that from our customers, too, but your vendor sounds really good at what they do. I don’t know if you can do any better than that. There doesn’t seem to be much opportunity for us to work together here, is there?”

• Positive prospects get strip-lines that are just a light tug: “Thanks for reaching out to us. I have to say, your friend Bronwyn gets almost all the credit for having a great experience with us. She was very good about explaining the application problem, and that really helped her have a happy outcome with us. Since I don’t know your application, I’m not sure if I can help you at this point. Could you be nice enough to tell me about it?”

In all three examples, you’ll find three components. Look at each of them, and you’ll see how strip-line responses are structured.

1. The first component is a build-up (a compliment or validation of the prospect’s point of view). In the above, an example of that was, “It sounds like you’re very happy.”

2. The second component is a takeaway (a conclusion that goes in the opposite direction to what the prospect expects). In the above, an example was, “… and I should leave.”

3. The third component is a question (a continuation of the discussion). In the above, an example was, “Before I go, what do you like about who you’re doing business with now?”

Looking at the example above for positive prospects, notice the buildup portion of the response validates how well things went “with Bronwyn” and gives most of the credit to her: “Thanks for reaching out to us. I have to say, your friend Bronwyn gets almost all the credit for having a great experience with us. She was very good about explaining the application problem, and that really helped her have a happy outcome with us.”

The takeaway portion includes words to the effect that you’re not yet convinced you can help the prospect. “Since I don’t know your application, I’m not sure if I can help you as well at this point.”

The third part, the question, is pretty obvious; you ask a question to start to understand the application, the problem, and ultimately the prospect’s pain: “Could you be nice enough to tell me about it?”

When you strip-line a prospect using all three components of the technique, you are likeliest to uncover the most meaningful information. You now know what a good fit looks like. What does a bad fit look like? Let’s say a prospect calls your office and says, “I’ve heard really good things about your company. A friend of mine, Bronwyn, told me all about you, and I’m very interested in doing business with you.” Obviously, that’s a positive prospect. It wouldn’t be appropriate for you to do a hard strip-line since the prospect is almost ready to buy. Saying to the prospect, “You must have used some other vendors in our space. Why wouldn’t you want to use them now?” will not only confuse the prospect, but would probably ruin the sale. So that’s a bad fit. Instead, you’d want to use the approach I shared with you above, the one that begins “Thanks for reaching out.”

Sometimes the prospect says something that more or less does the buildup for you. In that case, you don’t need to do it, but you still need to do the takeaway and pose the question. For example if the prospect says, “I heard really good things about your company,” you could strip-line by saying, “That’s nice to hear, but we’re not for everyone. Would you like to tell me why you thought it might have been a good idea to call, and hopefully we find out that we’re a good fit”?

In summary: Strip-line very hard with neutral pros-pects, even sounding like you are getting ready to leave the sales call or implying that you think the sales call is over; strip- line hard with negative prospects; strip-line lightly with positive prospects.

Strip-lining is a great way to uncover pain because it’s extremely disarming and helps build trust. When you do it right, it doesn’t sound like you’re selling. Prospects feel like you truly embrace and care about their goals and pain. (As, of course, you do!) If you don’t uncover pain with strip-lining, then perhaps that particular prospect doesn’t have enough pain to do business with you. Strip-lining combined with other pain-finding Sandler approaches will put you in a different league from all those other salespeople who traditionally start with the hard sell, list off features and benefits, and offer prospects free quotes.

Want to learn more about Negative Reverse Selling, and other Sandler selling techniques? Check out our upcoming workshops and sign-up for one at no cost to you. Here’s a link to our Eventbrite page, where you can find a workshop on a date and at a location convenient for you. Be sure to use the Promotional Code: CrashAClass to attend free of charge.

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How Live Chat Implementation Offers Benefits to Online Businesses


Live chat allows the operators to chat with multiple clients at the same time. While they are doing that they are free to connect to others online or redirect calls to others in the office if they need to. Multitasking is a very big advantage for a company with employees, as it enables maximum output.

Live chat support enables instant leads on a client. It is easy for the operator to develop a strong customer relationship. Customers who usually use the chat solution can easily ask for as much detail as they want for the service they require.

First impressions are important. When a visitor asks a question and receives quick replies he is bound to stay longer, give more business by making more purchases and will show a lot of confidence in your business. This is why many businesses in various industries like the automobile industry are using live chat as a means of contacting potential clients to develop trust and a strong business relationship with customers.

The software will enable you to customize your chat icons, pop-up windows and invite screens with the company logo. It will allow your name to be in lights and will make it catchy and difficult for the visitor to forget your site.

The live chat software is absolutely risk free. It is easy to download and is very user friendly.

Are you catering to clients in different parts of the world? The software allows you to communicate with your clients in their own native language. This creates a high level of comfort between the chat operator and the customer. Also the customer will develop a strong level of trust. The system itself supports all the special characters including right to left direction languages that allow all the windows and graphics to be translated into the appropriate language.

A post chat survey can be created in order to receive feedback from the customers. It is just a way to evaluate a visitor’s experience and enables him to ask any questions he may have or leave any comments he would wish to share. Customer feedback is all about improving customer care.

As a business expands, you can add as many chat operators, as you need to cater to your customers’ needs. Hence, it is scalable.

Real time stats are given which let you quickly evaluate your clients by being able to find out their referring URL, IP address and location that will help you understand them better.

In conclusion, adding live chat software to website can prove to be very advantageous for business. Businesses that have not already availed this featured product are missing out.

Expert IT Services- Automating Damage Evaluation Reporting


On May 22, 2011, an EF5 tornado ripped through Joplin, Missouri, hurting 162 and even leading to $2.2 billion in problems. As a consequence of wide path of the particular storm, professional damage assessment tools have been needed to review and record the damage. The Center for Geospatial Intelligence at the University of Missouri helped to supply those tools when using IT program that picks up modifications in topography employing dish images. The final results developed by the software made it easier for government organizations coordinate recovery services for Joplin inside a well-timed, efficient manner.

The thing that was accomplished around Joplin will be executed inside many other disaster locations with the help of the identical methods. The application employed by the Center for Geospatial Intelligence is an element of the innovative distinctive line of instruments which speed up and also economize destruction analysis reporting. Along with geo computer programming, this equipment offer the benefits below, and others:

Computerized Damage Assessment Reporting

Computerized damage examination reporting reduces the requirement for employees plus reduces human being mistakes. According to analysis, automating destruction examination reporting might improve the productivity of the actual reporting process by ten times, and reduce its cost by 10 times as well. When it is implemented by having a maintained IT service provider, automated damage examination reporting can help to conserve corporations that regularly execute reporting a large amount annually, or even more.

FEMA Destruction Examination Template

To be able to record damage assessments to FEMA in a way that produces a prompt response, the reporter will need to makes use of the FEMA reporting template. Suppliers of expert IT services now include the FEMA template within damage evaluation reporting programs.

Gets Picture and Video Clip Proof

When it comes to knowing the breadth of large-scale destruction, a picture is truly worthy of 1000 words. Through posting visible evidence of the damage, the particular reporter can certainly produce a persuasive scenario for any timely reaction.

Who Wants a Computerized Damage Review Instrument?

Companies which assess the problems brought on by big activities just like tornados need the ability to report damage assessments routinely, but firms that record destruction brought on by tiny occasions including car accidents can benefit from the same ability. Nowadays, insurance providers and also corporations typically utilize damage examination reporting applications.

Whatever the kind of damage that must definitely be noted, a computerized analysis tool helps the reporter to assess and record it quickly, in a economical fashion, plus the way that induces an easy response.


If your business requires a greater approach to document deterioration assessments, getting in touch with a suitable supplier of skilled IT expert services ought to be your next move. As well as supplying an automated destruction assessment reporting application, the particular company can help you customize the application for your reporting approach by giving monitored IT service.

Just as the Joplin tornado demonstrated, effective deterioration evaluation reporting is determined by a lot more than the actual integrity of the reporter; it also depends upon the capacities of the analysis device. Usually when you use an application which automates damage assessment analysis, the actual timeliness and value of the reporting course of action can certainly improve dramatically, and also a reaction to the document could be received inside a smaller period of time.

IT Consulting Services – Identify Requirements of Customers to Accomplish Their Goals


With rapid advancements in the field of IT and especially, the internet, almost every organization can benefit from IT consulting services. Firms offering IT consulting services can provide enterprises with cutting edge IT that will help them outshine their competitors. If your organization hasn’t yet gain benefits by hiring IT consultants, you must do so immediately. They identify the business needs of their clients and help them achieve their goals. Role played by IT consultants IT consultants assist entrepreneurs to formulate the business goals required to attain the social, profit, service and growth objectives of the organization. These offer an action-oriented, measurable, realistic, time sensitive and specific statement that after achievement moves the organization closer towards meeting one of its objectives. Indeed, these goals form the basis of its business plan. Increased communication in the office Communication in the office is crucial to the success of every organization. There is just one way to improve this business aspect and it is by hiring an IT consultant. A good IT consulting company can recommend various ways by which enterprises can accomplish their goals like suggesting what type of cloud services or software it must use. Thus, it can smoothly and easily achieve its targets. Improved communication between companies and their clients Business pertains to building relationships with your prospective clients as well as customers. You can only conduct it in the best way possible by employing the tools that will enable you to reach your partners and establish effective communication with these partners. A well-designed and interactive website is one such tool. Best IT consulting companies help you to design your professional website efficiently and ensure that your clients and customers access you in real-time and vice-versa. Helps to improve business productivity With increased communication within the office and improvements brought about in communication between the organization and its clients, there is rise in its productivity. Good IT consultants increase your know-how on the kinds of web-based programs and software your enterprise must use, so that you can access vital data and information with enhanced efficiency. Minimizing company costs In order to hire an IT consulting firm, your company will surely have to incur some cost but, you won’t have to spend higher than when you opt for establishing an IT department in your enterprise. Hiring and training new IT employees can be costly, but not when your enterprise has partnered with an IT consulting agency. With it, you can easily trim down your hiring and training expenses, since the agency will provide you with IT experts who remain in charge of the operation and maintenance of your hardware and software. Therefore, you can concentrate on the more vital facets of your trade and leave technical issues to your consultant. Focusing on major functions of your enterprise becomes too easy with IT consulting services. So, grab advantage of the new and advanced IT systems today by availing these services and ensure that your business stays much ahead in this highly dynamic and competitive world.

Role Played by IT Consulting NY in The Thriving Businesses


In today’s modern world of Hi-technology, it is almost irrational to disassociate business and IT. Organizations that dwell on future consider IT as an integral component of their infrastructural requirements. IT consulting NY is essential if a company truly wants to spotlight on its core proficiency as then the company may necessitate the need to outsource its IT needs. Numerous companies are considering outsourcing their IT necessities and thus, IT consulting NY has become such a significant and beneficial endeavor. Essentially the work of IT consultants in NY is to work in coordination with the client and support the clients to use information technology in a very beneficial way to spruce up the business operations. The higher need to recognize the right software as per organizations requirement has paved the way for IT consulting NY services. Nowadays the business consulting firms appoint the very best IT tactic consultants to spot the precise software requisites for their business types. One assured way of earning higher returns on your investment is by hiring IT consultation services. The tech support NYC firms offer a customer service approach that is integrated towards relationship management and customer trustworthiness. They provide multitude of services from project management to proactive infrastructure monitoring. Irrespective of your business status, you can avail of their services for start up, growing or established business strategies. You will find most innovative and novel techniques related to information technology being implemented in your business functions. Business houses based in New York City choose IT consulting service providers with comprehensive options at their disposal. Expert IT consultants for Brooklyn tech support offer services like infrastructure architecture and design, network standardization and stabilization, implementation and administration of SaaS and Cloud services for small and large business houses. The Saas consultants of NYC are renowned for competence based services in their field. Tremendous transformations in the structure and efficiency of the businesses are the hallmarks of IT consulting NYC firm. They allow you more competitive edge over your contenders. It is not exaggerating to state that IT consulting can bring a key augmentation to the growth and sustenance of your business enterprise. Since Manhattan tech support strives to provide the strategic direction to businesses in the area of IT infrastructure and technology it ultimately aids in enhancement of business processes of the company. Techabrist brings enterprising expertise and information technology knowledge to small and medium-sized businesses the world over. They offer plethora of specialized services like small business server solutions, IT disaster recovery services, strategic project planning, recommendations, engineering and design of technology solutions that are cost-effective and responsive.

What Is LEED Certification?


Getting LEED green certification has numerous benefits for a company. LEED or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design is a green building certification system recognized internationally. It gives third party verification that a building has employed strategies designed to improve water efficiency, indoor environmental quality, CO2 emission reduction, energy savings, stewardship of resources and thoughtfulness about the impact the building will have on the environment in the building’s design and use. Green steel building construction can be achieved in a number of ways. If the building meets certain design, use and operation standards it can be LEED certified. How To Get LEED Certification To be LEED certified steel buildings must use ENERGRY STAR compliant high-reflectivity and high-emissivity roofing with a minimum solar reflectivity of 78 over a minimum of 3/4 of the roof. It must comply with ANSI/ASHRAE/IANES Standard 90.1 2007 or the local energy code whichever one is more stringent. It must contain at least 5% recycled materials, maintaining appropriate indoor environmental quality and using innovative design. Using local or regional materials earns more points towards certification. If you use a Green steel building design it can benefit you and the environment. LEED is a rating system created by the United States Green Building Council to aid builders in their drive for environmental sustainability. Reducing the negative impact a structure has on the surrounding environment is the goal. Practices like using recycled steel or using steel produced within 500 miles of where the structure is being constructed can both play a role in getting a steel building to get LEED certification. Ideally the goal is to use 100% recycled steel. However if a building uses at least 25% recycled steel that can help in its drive to become LEED certified. It would be wise to make green steel building design a part of your construction plans. Why You Should Get LEED Certification The goal of LED certification is sustainability- the ability to meet the needs of the present without endangering the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As builders work to change the way communities and buildings are designed with an eye towards being socially and environmentally responsible, ensuring each project meets or exceeds LEED guidelines can improve the quality of life for this and future generations. If you plan and design your green steel building construction using these guidelines it can be a benefit to all.

Choosing The Right Simultaneous Interpreting Services


In simultaneous interpreting services, an interpreter who speaks in a foreign language translates what the main speaker is saying during a conference, meeting or a sermon. If you’re planning a conference and you know you’ll have a multicultural audience, it’s wise to hire simultaneous interpreting services because these services ensure that those in your audience who speak foreign languages can understand what you’re saying. When choosing the best company to offer these services, you should research the companies carefully. According to the International Medical Interpreters Association, hospitals and clinics will benefit from simultaneous interpreting services regarding staff-patient relations. The organization mentioned that when nurses and surgeons have interpreters alongside them while talking with a patient who speaks another language, the patient feels more comfortable during the conversation. In addition, simultaneous interpreters with a strong understanding of healthcare policies and certain medical procedures put the patient at ease. When you choose an interpreter for simultaneous interpretation, the interpreter should have at least five to ten years of experience in speaking the foreign you need him to translate your speech into. In addition, the interpreter should have a thorough background and expertise in the topic you’re discussing. For example, if you’re giving a speech to an audience that speaks mainly Haitian Creole and you’re discussing the subject of slavery in Haiti, you want someone who speaks Creole fluently and know a lot about your topic The interpreter should also be certified because this means the interpreter took extra steps towards becoming skilled in this profession. When you visit different simultaneous interpreting services, ask if you can give a sample mini speech and have the agency’s interpreter interpret your statements while you speak so you’ll get an idea of what his strengths and weaknesses. Now that you hired your simultaneous interpreter, here are some tips on working with him during the course of your speech. You want avoid the use of slang if you have a simultaneous interpreter because will confuse him and he could translate your slang wrongly. Another thing you should do is not speak too quickly because you want the interpreter to be on the same page with you as you’re speaking. It’s also important not to go into various topics at one time as this confuses the interpreter and the audience. In conclusion, when you locate a good simultaneous interpreter, you’re beter able to reach those at your meetings wo speak a different language. Search more about simultaneous interpreting services.

A Public Relations Firm in Vancouver BC What Are Its Advantages


In Canada, media and public relations Vancouver, BC means the creation of good relations for companies or products through the use of different communication tools and channels. This is true not only in Canada but also for all other countries of the world. In the earlier days, public relations meant a professional in public relations would coordinate with members of the media to create a favorable image of the client by means of favorable stories publicized in the broadcast and print media. But these days, the job of public relations firms Vancouver, BC has become broader in scope. The media and public relations Vancouver, BC’s functions include building awareness as well as projecting a favorable image for an organization or person called the client. This is often done through articles and stories published by media outlets. The public relations firms Vancouver, BC also monitor very closely the various media channels, hoping to find public comments with regard to a company and its products. When issues or crises arise that may threaten the image of the company or product, the public relations firms Vancouver, BC manage these crises and resolve issues. In addition,, PR firms build goodwill among the target market of your organization through philanthropic, community and special programs and events. With these and other functions, the media and public relations Vancouver, BC provides a number of advantages that cannot be found through other promotional options. First, when you hire the services of a public relations firm Vancouver, BC it means that you have on your side a very credible partner, because public relations is a highly credible promotion option. PR establishes the credibility of your organization through the use of the influential print and broadcast media. Second, if the media and public relations Vancouver, BC that you chose to work with is well structured, your PR campaign can certainly have favorable results. Earned media profile is highly desirable by organizations because it often provides a credible, third-party endorsement about your company or your product that a paid ad can never buy. In advertising, not only do you have a limited space to convey all the information that the public needs to become aware of your company and product, but it typically has less credibility because the ‘ink’ was purchased. And, third, if the public relations firm Vancouver, BC favorably mentions the name of your organization, the story may be picked up by additional media and spread to other locations. This means that your organization will get not only the local exposure but also potentially some national profile. If you conduct cost comparisons, the cost/benefit of media and public relations Vancouver, BC and availing the services of Maria Loscerbo is lower than other forms of promotion. This is not to say that public relations doesn’t cost money. It does, especially if you hire seasoned public relations professionals or firms to do the work for you. But when you compare it with costs of other forms of promotion such as direct advertising, media and public relations is cheaper in most cases. Businesses in Canada, whether big or small, can greatly profit from the services of PR firms, and there are many of them in the Vancouver, BC area.

A Secret Treasure in Each Company


In several businesses, nearly all companies appear to function by an entirely diverse set of regulations derived from business analysis and converse in diverse words than those computer or information technology services segment of the company. This partition is rather synthetic and partly kept up by the information technology individuals themselves due to a particular culture technological individuals have regarding their specific information and application locations. However at heart, those odd individuals down in information technology have similar aims as each other company individual that is to be successful both individually and commercially in joint ventures. However, those of us on the company side of the business setting rely on the computer individuals to let us recognize how matters are going with that vastly priceless positive feature which we have in our information technology schemes, software and hardware. Nearly all medium to huge companies run very lofty capability computers or huge numbers of computers attached throughout a set of connections and those schemes should execute at peak capability every day to achieve the aims of the company indicated in the business plan. The upgrading and upholding funds for the computers which operate your company undoubtedly signify a moderately considerable percent of business financial allocation annually. However, because those schemes are what make you aggressive in the market that asset is worth the finances to guarantee that the assignment vital tasks those authoritative schemes do get implemented promptly every week and month. When a computer starts to illustrate signs of spraining underneath the weight of task, we are providing it that could be a reason of important apprehension for a company. If your company archetype utters the weight of traffic or scheme assets can be pushed to further than what the computers could do with their presented computing authority, which weak point in the information technology infrastructure symbolizes an important danger to the business must the scheme become overburdened when there is a huge body of toil to be implemented by these mechanisms. What not each company individual recognizes is that there might be a secret treasure of computing capability by now dwelling in your IT assets which basically is not being stricken to its peak. You recognize that it is not unusual for your information technology professionals to tell that your schemes are at 80 to 90 percent capability and should be improved to manage the succeeding huge progress in company. Lately, a huge oil business in the Middle West found out that several of its assignment vital purposes were being deferred in dealing out apparently due to the overburdened computer schemes and in awful necessitate of a costly and time spending improvement. Such secret treasure is a restraint that has essentially been just about for fairly a time however is uncommonly discovered in the current commerce field. Such control is identified as capacity planning. By executing a capacity planning headquarters and observing purpose, you could place the tools as well as the flair in location to adequately gauge methodically if your computer schemes are at capability of if there is merely a necessity for scheme tuning or rearrangement of computing timetables to get more out of the schemes you by now possess.